Thursday, 20 March 2014

Link: Does Simplicity Ever Go Out of Style?

Adventure Journal recently had a great blog post musing on "the line between collecting a reasonable wardrobe of attractive, functional clothing and excessive consumerism". You can read it here, but I wanted to include a quote that I thought might inspire you all:

"My friend Becca is an awesome example. She’s been living out of her car, taking photos and pretty much living the gypsy life for the past couple of years, so she doesn’t have some huge closet full of stylish clothes. She keeps it simple. But every time I see her, she’s in the same two beautiful silver bracelets from a shop in Lander, Wyo. They’re her signature. I’ve seen her wearing the same simple outfit of jeans and soft blanket-weave shirt on multiple occasions, which totally fits her easygoing, nature-loving personality. She doesn’t need a whole wardrobe to make her interesting because she is interesting. Between her glowing smile and those bracelets, she’s a complete knockout."

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