Friday, 4 November 2011

Goodbye, October

October came and went incredibly fast this year (at least for me.) I didn't post as much as I would like but I made it through the month with relative ease. I really appreciated the sense of community this year-- lots of blogs to follow and comments and exchange of thoughts on the Facebook group. If you haven't been there, I encourage you to. It's not too late to join; if you sign up now you'll be getting my friendly reminders in September 2012 to start choosing your dress and mentally preparing.

Because I feel a little nostalgic for the Project, I think I'll be posting occasionally here throughout the year. I have an idea of maybe attaching the Project to some kind of charitable work next year but I'll need to hunt around and mull that over for a while. Check in here or the Facebook group periodically and it may be that I'll post some musings on clothing, or links to relevant sites, or photographs of me making silly faces here from time-to-time.

Thanks for a great month, everyone, and see you next year!

This is me during the original October Dress Project in 2008, when I was still referring to it as the 'October dress experiment' and it was just Tala Azar Strauss and I participating.