Monday, 17 September 2012

Twitter Hashtag

Tweeting your October Dress Project? Add the hashtag #ODP12 so we can find your posts. That's all, folks.

Edit: also good for Instagram. I'm sure you were all capable of figuring that out, but it only just occurred to me.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Have you heard of Everlane? Their line is that they make luxury items for a fraction of the price typically charged by eliminating all the middlemen. I'm not sure how that works, considering most online shops are eliminating middlemen, but their t-shirts are $15, so I'm not arguing.

A typical $15 t-shirt tends to be a brief fling-- you like it, the price is right, you buy it, and within a month (sometimes a week *coughForever21cough*) the seams are unravelling, or you've gotten a hole in it, or you realise that the fit and fabric were never very nice.

Not so Everlane. I own a round-neck tee from the Summer Watercolours collection and it's a keeper. Good quality, nice fit, definitely a cut or two about your average t-shirt, let alone your average $15 t-shirt. Just the sort of thing we like at the ODP.

Want an invite? I have a few to send, and if you buy through my invite, I get a free tee. Wouldn't you feel even better about your t-shirt purchase if you got me a free tee out of it? I know you would :) So if you're interested, let me know and I'll arrange to email you an invite.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

On Purging

Modern Closet by La Branĉaro

Modern Closet, a photo by La Branĉaro on Flickr.
I've been thinking about purging (of wardrobes, I mean).

I seem to do it every year. As much as the motives behind my purging are generally good (to reduce clutter, get a better idea of what clothing I actually need to buy...), I have been a little ashamed of myself, lately, that I can do it on a yearly basis-- it doesn't seem to be sticking.

When I purge, I usually end up getting rid of clothing for two reasons: a) it no longer fits or is no longer fit to wear (falling apart, stained, etc.) or b) it never fit or I was never really happy wearing it. The first reason is quite legitimate, although I hope to reduce the need to purge clothing that's wearing out by buying higher quality. The second reason? Not okay. I mean, yes, we all make shopping mistakes. But in a part of the world where mental and physical clutter abound and waste and self-indulgence are the name of the shopping game for many people, I think I need to push myself harder to be really honest with myself when making clothing purchases. Am I buying this because I need it or just because I feel like having something new? Does this really suit me and is it versatile enough to wear with the rest of my wardrobe? Does it fit me? No, really, does it actually flatter my figure or am I just playing the wishful thinking game; face it, Avery, you had a baby, you are no longer a candidate for extra-small items. Heck, small is pushing it.*

Since starting the October Dress Project, I feel like I've been unlearning a lot of bad shopping habits. I wish I hadn't learned these bad habits in the first place, but I'm grateful for the oppourtunity to learn to shop with more restraint and conscientiousness, and to share the experience with a community of other women who are excited about learning to think in a new way about clothes.

So tell me, how often do you purge? Do you wish you were doing it less, or more? Any other thoughts?

*On an interesting side note, I read recently that women tend to buy clothing in the size they wish they were instead of in the size they are. Silly women! But I know I've been guilty of this.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

An Epiphany

via Rides A Bike
I came to a realization this week, and I figured I should put it up here for accountability's sake. So, here goes:

My wardrobe is complete.

Over last year's ODP I worked pretty hard on putting together a comprehensive list of all the clothing, footwear, and outerwear I thought I needed. I wasn't even being strict; I wanted to make sure I had clothing for every occasion, so I tried to cover every situation and be honest about what I needed. This week, I realized, I was pretty well there. Not quite, because I need a winter jacket and could stand to replace a few worn items, but close enough to feel like I could really say I was done.

It feels kind of scary saying that. Will I ever get to go shopping again? I've been thinking about it, and I want to set some guidelines for myself about it. Here are situations where I think shopping is okay:
1. Shopping for something that is wearing/worn out from my list. For example, my leggings have definitely seen better days and my black flats have holes around the heels.
2. Shopping for a high-quality replacement for one of the lower-quality items on my list. This would be something I already have, but a cheap one that isn't going to last me a long time, so if I find a good, high-quality replacement, I will buy that.
3. Shopping occasionally for a fun item or accessory that's not on my list. I will try to do this mostly at thrift stores; I was pretty sobered by this article about the afterlife of cheap clothes and want to be much more cautious about buying stuff that I will probably end up purging later.

I have to say, while it does have a ring of finality about it, it also feels really good. Sort of like the feeling I get at the beginning of October when I know I'm settling in for the long haul with my one dress. Yes, it's limiting, and yes, a little daunting-- but man! It's also so freeing.

Do you have a wardrobe list? How close do you feel you are to having everything you need?