Tuesday, 4 September 2012

An Epiphany

via Rides A Bike
I came to a realization this week, and I figured I should put it up here for accountability's sake. So, here goes:

My wardrobe is complete.

Over last year's ODP I worked pretty hard on putting together a comprehensive list of all the clothing, footwear, and outerwear I thought I needed. I wasn't even being strict; I wanted to make sure I had clothing for every occasion, so I tried to cover every situation and be honest about what I needed. This week, I realized, I was pretty well there. Not quite, because I need a winter jacket and could stand to replace a few worn items, but close enough to feel like I could really say I was done.

It feels kind of scary saying that. Will I ever get to go shopping again? I've been thinking about it, and I want to set some guidelines for myself about it. Here are situations where I think shopping is okay:
1. Shopping for something that is wearing/worn out from my list. For example, my leggings have definitely seen better days and my black flats have holes around the heels.
2. Shopping for a high-quality replacement for one of the lower-quality items on my list. This would be something I already have, but a cheap one that isn't going to last me a long time, so if I find a good, high-quality replacement, I will buy that.
3. Shopping occasionally for a fun item or accessory that's not on my list. I will try to do this mostly at thrift stores; I was pretty sobered by this article about the afterlife of cheap clothes and want to be much more cautious about buying stuff that I will probably end up purging later.

I have to say, while it does have a ring of finality about it, it also feels really good. Sort of like the feeling I get at the beginning of October when I know I'm settling in for the long haul with my one dress. Yes, it's limiting, and yes, a little daunting-- but man! It's also so freeing.

Do you have a wardrobe list? How close do you feel you are to having everything you need?


  1. oh wow thats GREAT! I dont feel even CLOSE. i have a ton of clothes that have been given to me (so many i cant shut my drawer) but very few fit me right. I have only a couple of items i really love to wear, but when its free i cant bring myself to spend money on something else

  2. I love the catalog idea, but I'm def on the other end - I have such few clothes. It seems like everything wore out at the same time. One thing I decided with my shopping is to not buy clothes I don't love myself in, just because they're cheap. I'm gunna read that article you mentioned, btw. Yeah, I wanna have a wardrobe I'm proud of, with colours I look /feel great in, so I'm only buying things of a certain palate.