Saturday, 20 September 2014

What Do You Really Want?

Some very interesting thoughts here on dressing (and buying habits in general); suggests that sometimes what you buy are things that reflect what you want in times when you don't feel or don't realise you can get the thing you actually want. Here's a quote:

"I think buying less is a natural consequence of figuring out what you really want. Because you can actually get to it, instead of purchasing items that make the false promise of giving it to you. I know it saved me a lot of sartorial purchase mistakes since my style overhaul and life simplification. The same probably apply to most emotional purchases, from the piece of art to the expensive car."

Here's another:
"Why do advertisers associate their brands and products with intangible values such as travel/evasion, simplicity, elegance, modernity... Because they're hoping you will buy their product as an answer to what you really want (travel, live a simple life, be more elegant, modern...)"

Love to hear your thoughts, ODP-ers. Do you see anything like this reflected in your own buying habits? Did you in the past?

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