Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wardrobe Architect, Week Seven

This week's exercise is to think about prints. What percentage of your wardrobe do you want to be prints? What types of prints do you like? For me, this is a bit of stretch because I've got basics shopping down pat, but am always wanting to incorporate prints and not being sure how. I have lots of solids in an interesting range of colours, but the only garments in my closet with much in the way of prints are a few dresses, none of which fit me since giving birth to son number two.

I had a trawl through my Pinterest fashion boards and came up with a little list of prints I know I like; now I just have to bite the bullet and incorporate some of them into my wardrobe.
-small dots on dark backgrounds
-realistic or watercolour florals on dark backgrounds
-ikat, especially in blue tones
-gingham in neutrals
-stripes, in neutrals
-ink-wash or watercolour look prints
-digital prints, especially of sky or water
-colour blocking
-African prints (in small pops)
-heather (this is a total print cop-out, but heather grey especially is a nice way to add a very subtle texture)
-plaids in nearly-neutrals (nothing too whimsical/colourful. If a lumberjack would turn up his nose at it, so would I.)
-lace (also not sure this counts as a print...)

Now I just need to add some prints to my Wardrobe Architect pinboard and, you know, actually buy some.

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