Thursday, 20 February 2014

Wardrobe Architect, Week Five

"Undoubtedly, there are colors that you feel naturally drawn to. Some colors just make you happy, some feel exciting, others make you feel calm and peaceful. What we’re going to do today is start collecting those colors. Don’t worry about how to incorporate them into your wardrobe yet. We’re going to get to that next week. For now, just think about what you love and what you wear... Review the words you came up with, along with your style moodboard or inspiration. Begin pulling out the colors you associate with these words and images. To do this, you can list the color in text form (“ballet pink,” “scarlet red,” etc.) or use a color picking tool like the palette in Photoshop. Or, see the resources section below for more color tools you can try."
I'd already done this and it really helps keep my wardrobe cohesive. I know I'm an Autumn if we're talking seasons, so I lean to warm versions of any cool colours, but I don't do the brown/cream thing; I much prefer black and true white. Here are my colours:
  • Coral, wine or tomato red (i.e warm, not cool-based red).
  • Shell pink
  • Goldenrod yellow and rich orange
  • Deep pine green and emerald
  • Rich blues: navy, royal, and that blue that's almost dark teal but is still definitely blue
  • Classic mid-blues: chambray blue, dark wash denim, warm summer-sky blue
  • Camel
  • Black
  • White

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