Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Finding a Dress

The Project starts in four days! I am excited. I hope, however, that my belly doesn't decide to blossom this month. After missing last year's project for my wedding and honeymoon, I get to experience this one in my fifth month of pregnancy. I wanted to offer some quick advice for getting an October Dress if its getting down to the wire and you still don't have one.

Obviously, running to the mall and spending a few hours trying on new dresses doesn't exactly encourage the qualities the ODP is about. Here are some alternative methods if you stare into your closet and don't see a single potential dress.

-Visit a thrift or charity store. Not only will your dress be less expensive than buying it new, it will also be recycled.
-Sew something. Not, at this point, for the faint-of-heart, but if your sewing skills are equal to putting together a dress in four days, go for it!
-Make a trade. If you have a friend/friends to do the project with, maybe you could organize a closet swap. Everyone brings the clothes (not just dresses) that they are not using from their closets, and hopefully everyone comes away with some new-to-them clothes. It's a good way to find a dress that needs a good home and it will feel new to you which will help you through the doldrums of mid-October.
-Buy new with conscience. If you can't find a dress through any of the above methods, opt for a retailers that gives back in some way. KNO Clothing will give free buttons/stickers to anyone opting to wear a KNO dress for the project (contact Jessica Yu via the Facebook group) and is committed to ending homelessness. Support a local designer. Buy a dress that was sustainably made. Use your money for something a little more important or creative than just a cheap garment from a big store.

Any other ideas or plans? Post them in the comments.


  1. www.matatraders.com -- Fair Trade!

  2. I would have loved to have been able to do any of these, but waited WAY TOO LONG to start looking for a dress. Buying one at the store was my only option. Fortunately, I rescued my dress from the clearance rack at Target for only $5. So at least my consumerism is in check. :)